AAA Tryout Online Registration

***You must register for A Ball first before registering for AAA Tryouts***

When you register for AAA you will automatically be registered for AA as well.

Cost of AAA Tryouts will be $100.00 for 13U, 15U and 18U This inlcudes $50.00 towards the AA Tryouts. This $50.00 will be taken off the remaning cost of AAA registration should the particpant make the AAA team.

When registering you will have the option to pay online via Credit Card or Cheque. The cheque option will also be used for those wanting to pay Cash. Both Cheque and Cash must be paid at the first day of tryouts.

Tryout Dates- AAA

13UAAA - April 1st and 2nd from 5:30pm-7pm @ Gateway

April 4th from 5:30pm-7:45pm @ Gateway

15UAAA - April 1st and 2nd from 7pm-8:30pm @ Gateway

April 4th from 7:45pm-10pm @ Gateway

18UAAA - April 1st and 2nd from 8:30pm-10pm @ Gateway,

April 4th from 9pm-10:30pm @ HRSports Academy

April 10th from 9:15pm-10:45pm @ HRSports Academy