Ethan Holland

Ethan has been an umpire in Red River Valley for several years and is now just turning 18. His knowledge of the rules of baseball and his demeanor on and off the diamond is indicative of great maturity and dedication to his craft. Ethan has been a "workhorse" umpire for the past two seasons, officiating numerous games at all levels of youth baseball. As a partner on the diamond Ethan is attentive and reliable, whether it be an appeal on a checked strike or being in the correct position to make a call. When partnered with an umpire of less experience Ethan is a strong mentor who makes people feel at ease while delivering advice and direction. He maintains his skill level, knowledge, and abilities throughout the season and is dedicated to being a quality umpire. He is not afraid to ask questions and is willing to share his thoughts; it is that balance which keeps him sharp and engaged. A reliable, self-motivated, and hard-working individual, Ethan enjoys the challenges associated with umpiring. As a confident official who makes a very good impression displaying excellent umpire skills, Ethan has a fine umpiring career ahead of him.