Mosquito Monster Mania

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The Monster Mosquito Mania (MMM) is a fun one-day event designed for Mosquito "A" teams and players that are not competing in league or regional championships.
This will be a Jamboree type of tournament with modified rules that encourage player development. Baseball Manitoba also offers player/coach development clinics to all teams. This is worked into the schedule. There will also be umpire development opportunities throughout the day.

Remember, the Mosquito Monster Mania is a fun, one-day event for Mosquito "A" teams. The purpose is to foster an appreciation for the game, provide some skill development for the players and coaches, and promote the sport. The games will be played using some slight modifications that will speed up the game. Team size will be a minimum of 9 players per team, with a maximum of 12. Teams can amalgamate if necessary.

Red River Valley Baseball 11UA teams are automatically registered for the Mosquito Monster Mania event, with entry fees included in each players season registration.

2020 Winnipeg
May 31, 2020 @ Little Mountain Sportsplex
Contact: Jason Miller -